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Basic Negotiator Course






This class will discuss the origins of Hostage / Crisis Negotiations. The students will learn the how and when a Crisis Negotiation Team should be utilized and how negotiators work in conjunction with tactical teams. Pertinent court cases will also be discussed.  

Team Structure:

The roles and structuring of a crisis negotiation team will be discussed.  The role of the team leader and command personnel will also be discussed.

Basics of Negotiating:


The function and duties of each team member, including command personnel, will be explained and discussed. Negotiation strategies will also be discussed. How do the Negotiation Operation Command (NOC) and Tactical Operation Command (TOC) work with each other during incidents.  


Communication Skills:


The student will be given an in-depth overview of communication skills. Both conversational speaking and listening will be discussed.

Role Playing and Exercises:

The student will learn and build upon their active listening and negotiating skills in a controlled environment.

Who should attend:


The course is for new police negotiators or police negotiators looking to improve their skills and techniques, tactical operators seeking basic negotiator skills, which can assist them when they are forced to negotiate with a subject/suspect before negotiators have arrived.  

Course Length:

The Basic Negotiator Course is a 3 day course that combines traditional classroom with role playing and exercises. This can be modified depending on client needs, scheduling and budget. Contact us for a personalized proposal. 


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