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Basic Report Writing

Course Overview:

This class is designed for both new and established supervisors. The Police Supervisor Course is a best-practices, reality-based training course, rather than just focusing on concepts and philosophies.  Effective leadership and supervision is achieved by not only utilizing tried and true supervision and leadership concepts, but also by understanding how the academic definitions of these concepts and philosophies function in the realities of day to day law enforcement supervision. Newly promoted, and established, supervisors and managers of all ranks and experience can benefit from this class.

Topics will include:


  • Identifying the goals of a police report and the audiences who will read them

  • Learning straight-forward and effective report writing techniques

  • Specialty reports, such as Use of Force reports, Pursuit reports and affidavits

  • Avoiding common report writing errors

  • Using reports to prepare for testifying during court and administrative hearings

  • How to properly and thoroughly articulate facts within report narratives to mitigate possible suppression issues and improve the likelihood of successful prosecutions

  •  How to use field notes

  • Tips for proof reading to increase readability

  • Use of active vs. passive voice and first person vs. third person

Instructor: Chief Richard Mello (Retired)


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