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Host or Contract a Mello Consulting & Training Course

Interested in bringing an MCT course to your area or department? Our courses can be brought to your agency by either hosting or contracting the course through MCT. 

Hosting: An agency wishing to host an MCT course can do so as long as the minimum facility requirements are met and the host agency is willing to either contract for a flat fee or facilitate all billing for those attending. Minimum class enrollment must be met. Per student cost is $275 for a two day course and $160 for a one day course.  



Flat Fee Contracting: Your agency can contract with MCT to provide a course to the audience of your choosing. With a contract course, there is no minimum student enrollment. You will be provided with an all inclusive proposal for the course you are interested in. You just provide the facility and the students. 

For more information, contact Richard Mello by Email or call 603-703-7045

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