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Course Testimonials


Here is what our attendees are saying about Mello Consulting & Training Courses!

Leadership for the Future 

"Well worth the investment in coming!" 

"Chief Mello was entertaining and informative; he gives great examples backed by experience." 

"Definitely a course I will recommend to my superiors to have all of our FTO's be sent to." 

"I paid my own way to attend this training and it was well worth it!" 

"I am very impressed with the quality of this training!" 

Police Supervisor Course

"Great course. Down to earth and relatable. Great job!" 

"Excellent course, very informative." 

"Great class. Best supervisor class I've taken yet!" 

"I would absolutely recommend this course to others." 

Basic Internal Affairs Investigation

"Great information that I will apply immediately!" 

"Great class for a newly promoted supervisor." 

"Outstanding foundational class for Internal Affairs Investigation." 

"Great course, highly recommended!" 

"Both instructors have a great deal of knowledge and experience. Although there was a lot of information given, they were able to keep the class engaged." 

Drug Identification

"The instructor has been there, done that - high credibility. I enjoyed it very much." 

"Great class - I learned a lot and looked forward to coming back the 2nd day!" 

"Very good course with an even better instructor!" 

"Awesome class and instructor." 

"Instructor was awesome- knows his stuff. Great class!" 

Patrol Drug Recognition

"I learned more in this two-day course(about drugs) then the past 8 1/2 years I've been with my Department."


"I really enjoyed this class. Kyle was very knowledgeable with this information."

"Kyle's passion for this material is extremely evident!" 

"Kyle is an outstanding instructor!" 

"Very engaging and personalized training material presented. I would recommend!" 

"Great course, great instructor - well worth the two days!" 

"Kyle knows the material well and presents the topics from experience!" 

"One of my favorite training's I've been to!

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