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Interview and Interrogation



The two-day Interview and Interrogation course is designed to provide students with the skills, background and information necessary to conduct successful interviews and interrogations in a variety of circumstances. Students will be taught how to obtain information effectively through various methods and techniques. Students will learn effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills and how to detect deception through both verbal and non-verbal observations and cues. This course is a must for both officers and investigators of any rank.


  • Theories and methods of interviews and interrogations

  • Structure of questions to elicit admissions

  • Electronic recording requirements

  • Factors leading to false confessions

  • Interviewer Characteristics

  • Preparation and planning

  • Strategies for establishing a report

  • Addressing and mitigating denials

  • Role of Miranda

  • Behavioral Symptom Analysis

  • Eyewitness ID Procedures


Captain Kevin Dinapoli has over 20 years of progressive law enforcement and investigative experience. Before retiring from his career with the Hudson, New Hampshire Police Department, Captain Dinapoli served in various rolls as he rose through the ranks of the agency. He has received awards for his investigative work and is a certified Polygraph Examiner. He currently serves as the Captain/Executive Officer, and Accreditation Manager, of the Wenham, Massachusetts Police Department.

James C. “Chris” Decker has worked for the New Hampshire Department of Safety, Division of State Police since 2004.  After 7 years of patrol, he moved to the Investigative Services Bureau, Major Crime Unit as a Detective.  In 2012, he attended and successfully completed the three month long Polygraph Examiner Certification course with the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center in Annville, Pennsylvania.  In 2015, he completed the Advanced Polygraph Examiner certification in Charleston, South Carolina.  During his tenure with the Major Crime Unit, he interviewed, interrogated and polygraphed numerous suspects for all levels of crime, up to and including homicides.  From 2016 to 2018, he served as the Polygraph Unit Commander for the Division of State Police.  He is currently assigned as a Detective to the Troop G Fraud Investigations Unit.  Decker holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Notre Dame College, and a Master of Education in Counseling from UNH.  He currently resides in Epsom, NH.



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