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Advanced Search and Seizure



Search and Seizure case law changes frequently.  These changes impact the way police officers conduct themselves while on patrol and when conducting investigations. This course is designed to provide officers with the most recent case law decisions, as well as a review of the basic rights provided to citizens and the authority granted to police for searches and seizures. Officers will be provided updates on Search and Seizure cases and issues involving motor vehicles, consent, exigent circumstances, pat frisks, searching electronic devices, strip searches, and body cavity searches. This one-day course gives officers of all ranks and experience levels the tools they need to be successful. 


As the Division Commander with Boxborough, Massachusetts Police Department, Detective Sergeant Nathan Bowolick has specialized in narcotics, sexual assault and general investigations. He has participated in joint investigations with the D.E.A, F.B.I., A.T.F. and the Massachusetts State Police. Sgt. Bowolick is a Drug Recognition Expert, and instructor, and has taught on a variety of subjects for the Municipal Police Training Committee in Massachusetts.



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