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Wed, Oct 18


Windsor County Sheriff's Department

Leadership for the Future - Woodstock, VT ($275)

Hosted by the Windsor County Sheriff's Department

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Leadership for the Future - Woodstock, VT ($275)
Leadership for the Future - Woodstock, VT ($275)

Time & Location

Oct 18, 2023, 8:30 AM – Oct 19, 2023, 4:30 PM

Windsor County Sheriff's Department, 62 Pleasant St, Woodstock, VT 05091, USA

About the event

  • Cost is $275 per student for the two day course. ($225 per officer for 5 or more officers from the same agency) 
  • Once registered, an email will be sent to you  with payment instructions. If paying by credit card, you will receive a separate email with payment instructions once an invoice is created. 


Leadership for the Future


This class is designed to mentor, empower and motivate your up-and-coming officers to become your future leaders. Traditional leadership courses focus on current supervisors, command staff and executive staff while largely ignoring the informal and future leaders. Every organization has employees who have been identified, or have the potential, to be your future leaders, supervisors, command staff and executive staff. The key to developing these employees is early intervention. Potential leaders are most vulnerable at the 1-5 year mark of their careers. It is within this time frame that they are experiencing tremendous influence, both positive and negative. It is imperative that these employees are exposed to these important leadership concepts early in their careers. 

Leadership Styles:

Understanding the various leadership styles is important. Traditional leadership courses discuss these styles at length. This course discusses these styles as well but challenges the attendees to understand their style and then teaches them how to identify their strengths along with empowering them to utilize these strengths in concert with various leadership approaches. 

Rank v. Leadership; Informal v. Formal leaders:

Rank does not necessarily equal leadership and leaders doesn't always hold rank. Our up and coming leaders are taught the value in establishing themselves as leaders early in their careers, while at the same time espousing the necessary tools and mindset to take their careers to the next level.       

Communication Skills:

The student will be given an in-depth overview of communication styles and skills along with demonstrating the importance of good communication in leadership. The various, and often seen, pitfalls to communication will be discussed at length. 

The Elephant in the Room: 

One of the most common obstacles to developing future leaders is the "Us v. Them" environment. Every police organization has this phenomenon and it can be divisive to the organization and fatal to developing future leaders. This course does not skirt this issue, nor do we accept its hold on organizations.  Rather, this course brings this issue to the forefront while discussing why this occurs and then dissecting the issue and developing strategies to overcome it. We empower potential future leaders to break this mold and become a force of change. 

Self Assessment & Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI): 

The ability to self-assess is critical to one’s success. Helping the student to understand and employ self-assessment is covered in detail. Emotional intelligence is a key attribute to effective leadership. Being aware of one’s emotions and being able to effectively manage interpersonal relationships is a key component. Students not only learn about Emotional Intelligence, but they are instructed on techniques to improve upon their EQ/EI, and thus increase their probability of success within the organization. 


Being a successful police officer requires men and women to have the mental and emotional toughness to think quickly and flexibly under pressure. Law enforcement agencies invest heavily in recruiting, screening and hiring the best candidates. Yet, once on the job, we focus very little on providing effective training on how to be, and remain, resilient from the stresses of this demanding job. This course discusses these concepts, identifies the various challenges to maintaining a healthy outlook and teaches the students how to maintain their personal and professional resilience. 

Mentoring & Coaching: 

Identifying a positive influence is critical for career success. This course teaches the student the importance of finding positive role models and what attributes to look for in a mentor. The course also focuses on the importance of coaching - organizations must rely upon informal leaders to help mentor and coach their colleagues. Coaching and mentoring are an important facet of successful organizations. 

Who should attend:

While this course was designed to target officers and potential leaders early in their careers, it can also be extremely valuable to more senior officers, new and experienced supervisors and all the way up to senior leadership. The class can also be tailored to incorporate all experience levels and ranks within the same class, which can be helpful in bringing an organization together, or can be targeted to a more specific experience level. 

Course Length:

Leadership for the Future is a two day course.  This can be modified depending on client needs, scheduling and budget. Contact us for a personalized proposal. 

The Instructor:

Chief Richard Mello (Retired) has over twenty-nine years of progressive law enforcement experience and is a military veteran. Over the course of his career, Chief Mello has experienced all levels of leadership, both formal and informal, in both the law enforcement and military realms. He has identified the common pitfalls of leadership and presents a unique perspective to addressing these issues and mentoring your future leaders regardless of their current position or rank within your organization. Chief Mello uses this perspective and experiences to engage class attendees with a bold approach designed to break through traditional barriers often seen with traditional leadership courses. 

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